The students are a cost that the universities of Switzerland can not afford to support, so their number should be limited. To say it is the Secretary of State for Education, research and innovation, Swiss, Mauro, interviewed. it is back on an issue for some time the center of the debate in Switzerland, a country that annually welcomes thousands of university students from abroad (Germany and Italy in the first place ).

A little over a year ago had already reached an alarm by the Rectors ‘Conference of the Swiss Universities (CRUS), which had called for the intervention of the countries of origin of the students, in order to take charge of part of the costs that universities must support to provide training to foreigners. At that time the Secretary of State had said that had already been initiated in respect of negotiations with Germany, but now offers a new solution: not to force the universities to increase tuition fees is necessary to put a limit to foreigners.


Swiss universities members from abroad are about 40 per cent of the total, and their number has increased dramatically over the last twenty years. In Switzerland German students come mainly attracted by the quality of the education provided by the universities of the country and lower cost compared to those of their home.

The attractiveness of universities is a resource for Switzerland, which thus increases their chances to grab the best young talent, but it also has a downside: to accommodate all these students need to adapt the facilities and the staff of the universities, what which involves considerable costs . Rectors and government are therefore looking for a way to run for cover.

The first proposal was precisely to take the economic intervention of the countries of origin of students, street, however, proved to be not easy to follow. So some universities have begun to differentiate the amount of tuition fees based on the nationality of members, and in some cases – as happened at the University of Italian Switzerland – to double them for those who are domiciled in a foreign country.

However, does not believe that raising taxes is the best solution and proposes another: limit the number of foreigners, including through the adoption of more stringent selection criteria , so as not to make the whole lump and you can continue to receive the most deserving young people, to the benefit of economic development Switzerland. According to the Secretary of State, to be excluded from these restrictions should be only those universities border (as is the University of Italian Switzerland or SUPSI), that without the massive presence of students from abroad could not exist.