Considerably more than half of all training companies organized tutoring for their students (a result of CCI Business Survey).

This can be in the form of training assistance to flank or lessons with tutoring institutes. The tutoring institutes will play a growing role. They grow increasingly.

On the term “tuition”

In the term “tuition” is found the root “Help”. Vocational school helps students to learn, to gain knowledge, professional skills to acquire, to form. Apparently extends this help, because it is “hurried along” increasingly reinforced outside of school, learning concomitantly. Tutoring involves the private care and education of teaching trainees to accompany the professional education. Among the main tasks of the tuition lessons:

* The support of students while making a homework
* The targeted learning for class work, knowledge query, intermediate and final examinations
* Repeating, consolidate and rework edited school and company learning content
* The filling knowledge gaps in selected vocational school subjects.


The origin of the tuition lessons is closely linked with the problem of homework, since there are public schools and intentional education. The reasoning of the homework is to develop the independence and personality of education of each student. Opponents criticize especially the lack of differentiation in the task and the physical and mental strain of the students.

The claim, homework should be in such a way that they are able to work without assistance, but never be maintained. Help by other trainees, training assistance measures, but especially by a tutor is a consistent pattern of work, more and more students. Studies to date have over a period of nearly 40 years is always that tutoring is no exception of the complementary form of practicing and repeating. They highlighted that nearly 50 percent of all young people have in the course of their schooling experiences made as tuition students.

Group or individual lessons with tutoring institutes

In group lessons (three to five trainees) recognize the students that not only do they have problems, but that other trainees struggling with the same difficulties. The trainees support and motivate each other in small groups. Upon confirmation of trainees among the self-confidence of the individual group members is strengthened and reduced test anxiety and nervousness before class tests and final exams.

However, in individual lessons each trainee can be given the necessary attention, to ask questions and solve problems. For the trainee, an individual strategy to be developed. The learning environment of the students can be optimized. Private lessons can be sure that each student gets the full attention of the teacher. It helps false fear of a subject store to ask questions without fear and thus to lay the foundation for their own active learning. For the choice between group and individual instruction can possibly help a trial lesson, allow the most tutoring.

Qualified teachers

The trend in the market is booming and educational tutoring fully qualified teachers are in high demand tutoring institutes. Teachers must not only be technically qualified, but also educational fit the needs of the Institute. This is the foundation to be able to build a relationship of trust between tutor and student and to achieve a meaningful long-term support. First, a few more conditions for teachers in tutoring institutes are addressed. They take as a free and independent people, and all the remedial educational, methodical and didactic activities. In the performance and structure of the lesson, they are subject to any instructions.

Development of study skills

A sensible tutoring should include learning-learning. The long term goal for the development of study skills is to carry for self-study. The teachers should not only impart knowledge, but also motivate and empower for independent learning. Bad grades in the vocational school is not the only reason about because the student does not understand the current material or has problems in a specific subject. In many cases there is a lack of basic learning strategies. The development of study skills can be content specific learning technology courses or part of the tuition lessons as learning tips.

Course duration in tutoring institutes

Note sustainable success in the vocational school will depend on the duration of the utilized tutoring. Even independent studies on tuition achieve this result. To lead to long-term trainees to learn independently, with many tutoring institutes a funding period of six months is recommended. It is pointed out that it is useful if the situation occurs twice a week students participate in tutoring sequences. According to the statistics of various tutoring occurs in a production period of about ten months as a success rate of over 90 percent based on an improvement of one to three grade levels in the vocational school. Depending on the long-term tuition is, but the more the danger of risks and side effects are known.