Union of University (UDU) does not stop. And after his victory in the TAR in Milan for the high taxes imposed by the University of Pavia makes the accounts in your pocket at all Italian universities. The results? There are currently 11 state universities (1 of 5) that increased the amount of contributions required for students beyond the limits imposed by law, for a total of 37 million euro more paid by subscribers. But in 2012 there were 35 universities outlaw, for a total of over € 239 million due not paid by the students. A figure that now the UDU calls on the Government and the Minister of carriage return .

The UDU, who has reviewed the books of the public universities of the country, complaint overrun by universities threshold established by law by which it must keep the total fees paid by students. Until the summer of 2012, it was determined that it could not exceed 20 per cent of the Ordinary Fund (FFO) allocated by the State, and most of the universities appeared beyond the limit. Then intervened the then Minister Francesco, to remove from the calculation the fees paid by students outside the course and to broaden the basis of calculation: not only FFO, but all the public funding received. With legislation that the UDU does not hesitate to define a real scam the law.


However, despite this change, not all universities would respect that fateful threshold of 20 percent, a parameter “binding, because it protects the right to education and the public character of the university and universal.” The most overpriced? But among the 11 accused also appear on the University of Urbino, that of Verona, one of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the Polytechnic of Milan.

The UDU holds data on tuition fees in our universities very serious, because “public education should not only be accessible to all, free, secular and democratic, it must also comply with the constitutional provisions that, in Article 34, is clear: the capable and deserving students without means, have the right to attain the highest levels of education. And that is why asking the government to “assume its responsibilities and protect the students and the Minister coach” to take immediate action for the return of money wrongly claimed.

Since the government UDU would like the return not only of the nearly 40 million received from the universities that currently are still outlawed, but of all of the approximately 240 million euro of taxes paid by most students. Finally, to prevent the recurrence of these situations, the Union of University also calls for the activation of an actual mechanism of protection of the right to education, with a system to ensure uniformity throughout the national territory and proportionality to the economic conditions.