For a college student in an oral examination is certainly one of the most feared written for a number of factors including the fact of coming face to face with the teacher and then the excitement and nervousness that can play tricks even when you plan to be prepared. The following list are some tips to consider when taking an exam in the best way:

1. Organize The Material

Make sure all materials complete lessons (text, transparencies, notes), in this regard it is advisable to follow the lectures, or ask for the material to university colleagues.

2. Studying The Outgoing Subject Headers Exam

Based on the material available to be able to distinguish between important and less important topics in doubt, please contact the course tutor.


3. Method Of Study

Prepare summary of patterns that will help you focus on the main concepts and to develop a meaningful discourse. Make it a habit to organize daily study material (notes, transparencies, etc.) without having to jump through hoops behind the fateful day.

4. Organizing The Discourse

Expose the topics studied in a clear, learn to make connections between topics without getting lost, but always keeping in mind the point of arrival, the concept! Try to also make concrete examples of the theories studied.

5. Training To Exhibit

Practice to expose the subject examination aloud, with his companions, in front of the mirror so that you can almost simulate the exam in front of the teacher.

6. D-Day, The Day Of The

First go on exam day, refreshed and shiny. If you are a little anxious better not to approach colleagues who always know everything, rather think that you are prepared and smart and maybe if you are in any doubt you think a little bit of luck will do the rest.

7. Administer The Exam

During interrogation listen well to the questions that are asked, do not rush to answer even if you are sure of yourself.

8. Attitude During Exposure

Say hello to calmly just go away when you sit down and do the same giving his hand to the teacher. Discuss the topic out loud and make sure.

9. Overcome The Difficulties

If the examination is not going too well, not panic. Try to resume peace without thinking about the fact that the examination is taking a turn for the worse, send down a deep breath and focus on the subject again.

10. Look Cure

Avoid excesses in look and dress. Not knowing who you are faced avoid being too casual, better to be formal.