The nearly 90 thousand students in high school who are enrolled in the admission test 2014 for undergraduate courses in number of students nationally are in series trouble to prepare for tests. This year, the selections have been anticipated a few months and will take place in early April. So, for several weeks, the guys who aspire to wear the white coat or dream of being an architect or veterinarian are engaged in full-immersion study in view of the dreaded test, neglecting meanwhile preparing for questions and tasks in the classroom, but especially for state exams.

Faced with the obvious difficulties of their students, struggling with a double preparation (one for the maturity and the one for the entrance exam 2014), teachers who can not express all of their discontent: “For years I teach the kids the three years and things have gotten worse since last year, “he explains, for example, Professor of Humanities at high school Vittorio Emanuele II of Lancaster, in the province of Techie. “My colleagues complain about the fact that many students, even good, they’re blaming a decline in academic performance. But what sense does it make the test in April without having completed the program last year? “Asks the teacher. A common question in many other teachers.


Last year the test to enter in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Architecture were planned for the month of July, right next to the end of final exams. Then, with the protest erupted for the bonus maturity, were postponed to September. This year, for the first time were anticipated in April , with the school year still in progress , which is why many students, some of whom engaged in strenuous (and expensive) afternoon courses of preparation for admission tests, ask for more understanding their professors if during interrogations and in the written tests are not sufficiently prepared for the moment.

“I can not understand the meaning of all this. No decisions are made ​​so delicate without having listened to teachers and students, “the gloss annoyed Rianon. It is not entirely wrong: not only the decision to bring forward the admission test 2014 to April is compromising the normal preparation of the final year students in view of the state exam, but most likely will also have a negative effect on the vote final maturity . At this framework is not very comforting then you are going to add also the disappointment of those who will be admitted to the course of study for which they dreamed of and have lavished so much effort, something that will put teachers in further difficulties.