Will begin simultaneously in all the universities at 11:00 of the next July 24 the admission test in Veterinary 2013. At stake are 825 seats, which will go to those who are classifiable in useful positions of merit, this year only on the whole national territory. All details relating to the screening test were released by the Ministry of Education with the ministerial decree no. 334 on April 24 last year.

Among the innovations introduced this year, even for the admission test in Veterinary 2013 are provided only 60 questions instead of the usual 80, and consequently, the time for the test run has been reduced to 90 minutes . As always, the questions will present five response options, including the candidate must identify the only correct one. There will be five general knowledge questions, twenty-five of logical reasoning, twelve biology, twelve chemistry and six of physics and mathematics.


Each correct answer will be awarded 1.5 points, while incorrect answers for each of you will have a less than 0.4 and those not given a 0. The score final of each candidate will be determined from that obtained in the test (it will attach up to a maximum of 90 points) to which may be in addition from 4 to 10 additional points, if the candidate will have reported a vote for a diploma at least equal to 80/100 . The details as regards the assessment the path through school are contained in a table within the decree.

To allow candidates to prepare themselves adequately in the admission test to veterinary 2013, in those annexes to amended Decree the MIUR has indicated also those topics on which will focus the test. The part of the general knowledge and logical reasoning consist in reading non-fiction texts scientific narrative of classical and modern authors or topical, from which you will have to get the items to complete an argument in a manner consistent with the premises, and establishing the possession of some notions of general knowledge acquired during their studies.

In the section dedicated to the biology will be submits applications relating to chemistry of the living, to the cell, to bio energetics, to the reproduction and to heredity, to the physiology and to the anatomy of the animals and of man. The test for admission as a Veterinary 2013th will contain also questions as to of chemistry focusing on: constitution of matter, structure of the atom, periodic system of elements, chemical bond, fundamentals of inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, solutions, oxidation and reduction, acids and basics, fundamentals of organic chemistry.

In the test for admission to Veterinary, 2013, finally, there will be questions of physics and mathematics , which will cover the following topics: measurements, kinematics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and thermodynamics, electrostatics and electrodynamics, numerical sets and algebra, functions, geometry, probability and statistics. Thanks to the the national ranking the score for access will be uniform throughout Italy and how many,, despite indications suitable, they failed to re-enter in the number of posts allocated at their university in which they have pursued proof, if willing person to move, will be able to enroll in one of the other in which prove to be impracticability, according to the procedures and timing specified in the decree.