Finland is close to all the countries of Europe academic calendar, including France, you will therefore not be out of place as an international student! But beware, the Finnish system has some notable differences that are useful to know, including the dates of enrollment in universities or the academic year and especially the international students.

The registration dates universities in Finland:

Institutions of higher education in Finland can be divided into two categories, universities and polytechnic institutes or UAS . The registration each school system differ slightly, while the registration periods are slightly offset. Thus, enrollment in universities are between the months of November and mid-February while enrollments UAS are between January 9 and February 14 of each year. For more information on registration, go to ” Formalities to study in Finland . ”


Key dates in your back in Finland:

Students wishing to study a year in Finland have their return from 1 September to see some time earlier at the end of August. Finnish universities do not actually start the course but only introduce international students to the Finnish system, the university, the host city, and organize many events and activities to promote integration on site. The university will also help you in your efforts locally , including finding housing if you do not go through a university housing. For the second half, the back is from the January 2 or3 for international students.

Attention , however, some sectors actually begin classes in early August, this is particularly true of medicine. Students must be present one month before the others! The first half officially lasts from 1st August / September 1 to December 31 and the second from January 1 to May 31, with periods of examinations at the end of each semester. Public holidays are also provided, which are not necessarily present in France. complete list of holidays in Finland for a student.