Unfortunately, no system exists equivalence between the American and French diplomas in these conditions, it must go through a case by case basis for each student. The site of the Franco-American Commission summarizes well most equivalences. In terms of notation, different compared to France and from A to F for the best and the worst you can find a detailed description, still on the site of the Franco-American Commission.

American higher education:

1. Vocational school or Technical Schools :

– Diploma in two years specializing in vocational education = DUT / BTS
Unlike our short courses, it by no means can then integrate the university Undergraduate level.

2. Undergraduate studies (or “College” for U.S.)

– Bachelor of Science or Arts of License = +3 =
– Bachelor of Honor = Master 1 = Tray 4

3. Graduate studies:

– Master of Science / Arts, MBA (business) llms (Right) = 2 = Master Bac +5
A PhD is at the same level in both countries, Bac +8. However, if you want to continue after the master, it must receive at least a mention. It is possible to go further and study up to 6 years in Graduate.


Courses in the United States:

Level course, as in most American of English country have an average of 12 to 18 hours of courses per week depending on their specialization. But beware, this does not mean a low rate of labor. It is asked almost 20 hours of homework per week! And it is quite justified because when you get underway, you must have read much or all of what is being said during the hour. To this is added briefs, home work and regular oral and you’re fast with a heavy workload. There are many rules do not exist in France, as the rules of plagiarism, that I will develop in another article.

Interestingly enough, your degree once obtained will have a degree (or mention in for France) based on ratings acquired during the year. Over this rank, the higher it will be easy to continue your studies, make your scholarship applications and often get a job (where in France you will rarely ask your notes in an interview, the diploma is sufficient).