A security guard is a person who is paid to protect a property and everything on it, from crime. Often times, you will find security guards at events, malls, schools, and other public facilities. Even some private property owners will hire security guards if they feel their property might potentially be subjected to crime. Security guards and bodyguards undergo professional training to learn of criminal acts and how to prevent or stop them.

security guards

While some don’t feel it is necessary to hire security guards for their protection against crime, they can be greatly beneficial. Although safety features such as alarms, cameras and controlled access all provide high levels of safety; they don’t have the ability to recognize crime as easily as a security guard. A person’s intuition and capability of finding crime is much higher than that of any advanced technology. A security guard isn’t only intimidating, but they can catch a criminal on the spot.

Why Hiring a Security Guard Is Wise

  • They help better protect an establishment
  • Security guards are highly trained professionals
  • They are trained to recognize, prevent and stop crime
  • They can patrol an entire designated area, including inside and outside a facility
  • They can easier prevent car theft and vandalism, as well as mugging
  • They can be called upon as needed
  • Security guards can interview and hold a criminal
  • Patrons and business owners feel more secure
  • They have the ability to control crowds and excessive traffic
  • They have the right to arrest a person and hold them until the police arrive
  • Checking cameras and other security features can all be done by security guards

The trained eye of a security guard is sometimes more likely to protect than any technology advanced safety feature. They have more control and the ability to reach a broader span of property. They can also arrest and hold a criminal for the police. Safety features may assist your ability to recognize criminals, but the criminal has a lesser chance of fleeing the scene when security guards are around.