The ranking Universities Europe 2013 has compared the faculties of Medicine, Biology, Economics and Mechanical Engineering with regard to the relationship between cost and quality. In Italy the best were those of the universities of Bologna, Rome and Milan. The ranking is based on the QS ranking by subject and crosses the data with those related to the amount of tuition fees to be paid annually in each European university, faculty assigning each a score from 1 (best quality / cost ratio) to 144 (worst ratio ).

In Italy, the Faculty of Economics are 42, those of Medicine 36, Biology 34 and those of the Mechanical Engineering 28. Of these, the ranking international QS for discipline arise by respectively 17 (47 percent), 16 (47 percent), 17 (40 percent) and 15 (54 percent). And Bologna University is the best place to study for all four faculties. The university felsineo, in fact, sailed in mid-table with regard to quality among European universities, but it has relatively low cost. In the ranking Universities Europe 2013 Alma Mater lie behind the La Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Milan .


As for Medicine , the University of Bologna is the 194esimo place in QS, and is the Italian university where it is more convenient to study according to the quality / cost ratio: annual fees, in fact, slightly over 2,000 euro and the value reported by the Alma Mater in the ranking Universities Europe 2013 is 60 of 144. The less convenient? L ‘ University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, with an EU ranking of 134, which does not appear in the rankings QS and annual fees that are around 30,000 Euros. In between, Genoa , with a value of 98 to 144.

At the top of the standings Universities for Europe 2013 Biology again there is the Alma Mater of Bologna. The worst performers instead to ‘ University of Insubria , with an EU ranking of 112 out of 144, who was absent from the rankings QS by subject and with taxes of just over 3,500 Euros per year. In the middle of the list is the square ‘ University of Bari , with a quality / cost ratio of 98.

As for Economics , Bologna Universities leads the Europe 2013 with a quality / cost ratio of 59 to 144. La Sapienza of Rome (63/144) and the University of Milan (71/144) are the second and third place. For both the position in the ranking QS quality area – not the one for discipline, in which the Bocconi is much better positioned – is lower than that of the university and Emilia is greater than the amount of the fees.

Finally, the ranking Universities Europe 2013 Mechanical Engineering is always the Alma Mater to win first place in Italy. In the middle of the list we find the ‘ University of Trento , which is the most expensive and amounted to a value of 94 to 144, while bringing up the rear is the ‘ University of Cagliari , which is at the worst quality / cost ratio ( 108/144).