In a study abroad program, depending on the type of room you want to undertake, several housing options available to you when you’re there. Often set by the organization itself, it depends on the program or the flexibility of the proposed offer.

Language stays, accommodation in host family:

The type of housing most common is of course the accommodation with a host family. You participate in the life of a family in the host country, and follow his period. The advantages of this approach are many, starting with the regular practice of the language, and easier insertion into local life. The cost is often lower than for conventional dwellings, because you have a family room that offers, and that you will share most of the time with one or two other students participating in the program, although can be alone.

Most families have used to get young people , and will be reluctant to share many experiences with you and show you their city. As part of the program with visits and language courses, you often spend the week with your body, returning in the evening and on Sundays will be devoted to family life.


However, it happens that some problems arise with this type of housing, starting with little or no families involved, and not occupy very little, and do not seek to know you. On average, programs bringing about fifty students, 15% end up in a family unfortunately not suitable. In this case, for you to speak with the organization as soon as possible which will make the necessary arrangements and make you change your family.

Language stays, accommodation in student residence:

Another solution, often for only programs for students over 18 years, and housing in a student residence. Often performed in programs based solely on language courses, not visits, this solution allows students to be close to their places of study. More expensive than housing in foster care, it nevertheless makes you more free and have no constraints on the free time. The major drawback may be that you do soyiez with French students, and you will not do little or no language.

Language stays, accommodation in hostel:

Accommodation in hostel often appears in programs where young people have to travel for all or part of the stay. If you change the city every 2 days, it is much easier and relevant of staying in hostel . In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive solution, some rooms up to up to 20 students, for an average price of 10-15 euros per night, although most rooms do not exceed 8 people. The disadvantage of this type of formula is that it will have to do with the rhythm of each and everyone must respect the other so that the experience is satisfactory.

Language stays, accommodation in shared:

Rarely offered by organizations, and intended primarily for major students in shared housing is an option to consider if you stay in the host country two months or more. prices charged by agencies of language courses or language courses for student housing residence are often much higher than the market price, with simple student rooms of 12m ² to 800 euros per month on average, and can rise to over 1,200 euros for some organizations.

If you know a little bit of language, it is advisable to look for accommodation for yourself, collocation, where prices are mostly two times lower than those charged by agencies. Obviously, this solution is not viable in the long term, and the stay is longer, it is advisable to find a home for yourself, the savings become really important.