Five things that come to mind when we say philosophy. Aristotle, knowledge, reason, metaphysical work. Yes, also I work. We had a chat with Professor Vincenzo Fano, Coordinator of the School of Philosophy of Knowledge , and we found that if a move was a healthy tendency to focus on the market of cultural innovation should carefully evaluate the opportunity to register for the degree course in philosophy of knowledge, the nature of the company .
“Our master’s degree in philosophy of knowledge, nature, society – explains the coordinator – is divided into two curricula: a more historical and political, and the other more oriented to science and modernity . It is the only course in Italy that offers a serious dialogue with the technical civilization. Often, philosophy is understood only as the history of philosophy as mere recovery, that is, the thought of the authors. We, however, practice philosophy as a critical reflection on the empirical sciences, such as dialogue with religion, ethics, science, art and politics. ” Lets talk about The degree course in philosophy.

degree course

Apparently, the exact picture of the stimuli which can arise from a careful observation of the world is a fundamental part of the mission of the course. Needs of the investigation, powers of imagination and skill of implementation correspond to specific categories of spirit that expand the mind and transform bold ideas in unusual careers. Of course, a degree in Philosophy gives access to scientific research or specializations that qualify to teach secondary. He opens the doors of publishing, printing, communication science and philosophy, cultural promotion, public relations, training for public or private entities, personnel management, and again and again. But this is already saturated and overflowing-the-know will do, for which the course demonstrates a strategic advantage that consists of a great freedom of design business that revolves around a specific desire for culture .

“Our seminar activity – continues Professor Fano – is very intense. Teachers from around the world are happy to Urbino to teach. We recently hosted two visiting professors from the USA. With great consistency and continuity we organize conferences on the relationship between philosophy and the sciences. Many seminars are devoted to the topic of doing business with the culture. We cross an era of individual and collective life particularly difficult. The great crisis has not dissolved the few companies that we knew well and did create wealth and jobs, and with them the possibility of creating new initiatives. Here, in my opinion, the philosophy graduate not looking for work, he wants to make it happen .

The web in this sense has opened a host of new opportunities, thanks to an unusual mental flexibility, creative ability, knowledge of multiple languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat play a decisive role in advanced industrial economies. Our graduates receive precisely this kind of training. ” After all, “in a society that changes quickly is more important to learn that having a single competency . Critical thinking, mastery of different languages, open-mindedness, problem solving are the true expertise now required. And our course of Philosophy give it all. ”

So, dear explorers of knowledge, that you can not reach us in the ducal city because “Urbino is a beautiful city that offers a very high quality of life, a human environment warm and welcoming. The students of the master are few and followed with attention and availability from teachers . I, as a coordinator, I know the names of all of our students and try to interest me, as far as possible, to their personal needs and specifications. This due to the fact that philosophy is an individual study and highly formative that requires customization of the learning path. ”

And we come to the mode of registration . The course is open access to a maximum of 50 units . “The immediate registration – concludes Professor Fano – is allowed anyone with a bachelor’s degree or four-year old system and 30 credits philosophical. If, instead, you are in possession of a three-year degree or four-year old regulation without philosophical claims must pass an interview on topics agreed with the Coordinator of the course. Epicurus said: do not wait for the young man to philosophize, nor the old man is tired of philosophizing; no one is too young or too old for the health of the soul. ” Where he said it? In the Letter to Menopause, 122!