The School of Education at the University of Urbino is a microcosm in constant turmoil. A small universe that triggers inside developments virtuous cycle able to renew their genetic heritage. Education Sciences and Psychological Sciences and Technology (both three-year), clinical psychology (two years) and Primary Education Sciences (five-year single cycle) are the four degree programs which make up the training offer of the School for the academic year 2015-2016.

degree programs

Bachelor of Science in Educational Sciences

The ranking of the Censis on university teaching Italian excludes any room for doubt: in the context of Sciences of Education and Training, the University of Urbino is national excellence . The “Great guide University 2015-2016” ranks first place the University Carlo Bo and its degree programs in Education and Primary Education Sciences.
The three-year Bachelor in Education Sciences within welcomes the two curricula of Educator of services for children and adolescents and Educator for adulthood . Two educational tours related based on the precise demands of the labor market, also thanks to the activation of specific workshops and internships.

“The Master of Science in Education – explains Professor Stephen AzzarĂ , coordinator of the course – makes use of the activities of workshop attendance is mandatory given by teachers and education professionals. Skills gain from the lectures and study so they can apply right away to meet practical requirements, through an anticipation of any problems that may arise in educational contexts. Relevant for the exercise of the teaching profession are, in addition, the experiences of training that you can play at the many organizations, companies and institutions affiliated with the University of Urbino. In addition, the ability to enter into new agreements allow to come further meet the needs of students. ”

If we are interested in the area of study that offers the course and seek the best answer that we prepare for everything that comes after graduation, we consider that ” the degree course in Education has also obtained good positions in previous years major national rankings of comparative evaluation of the university system . It is the result – continues Professor AzzarĂ  – of careful design, which makes use of decades of experience gained in the Faculty of Education and before that in one of the Magisterial, through which skills and methods that collect the best of traditional pedagogical , philosophical and psychological Italian you are open to the confrontation with the new reality and have been renewed, in a context that now speaks the language of Europe. In particular, the evaluation indicators highlight the modernity and functionality of the facilities and the organization of teaching, which means: no overlap in time for lessons and exams, complementary training content, the administrative capacity of the sector in meeting the needs of members and solve their problems. ”

We took notes? Well, then let’s make sure that our aspirations of study are not left in the drawer, but they find a privileged place in which to take shape. For example, “ideal setting to combine intensity and effectiveness in the study and a rich and differentiated sociability. A city of art that lives in its history and culture settled in the stones that make up the architecture. A place that has reinvented itself to become an important center of learning, home of international trade and one of the few campus in Italy . “