In about 2 billion years – more precisely in a period between 1.75 and 3.25 billion – will no longer be possible life on Earth . The calculated a group of astrologists University of East Anglia (England), based on the speed with which the orbit of our planet approaches the Sun. study, published in Astrobiology says that at that time the Earth will become inhospitable to any life form, since then the reduction of the distance from the star that gives us light and heat will be such as to raise the temperature up to the point of causing the evaporation of all the water present on the surface, including the oceans.

The end of the period space of the Earth estimated by British scientists will coincide with the extinction of all life. The last survivors before the total disappearance of the seas and oceans will microbes and bacteria, while the end of the human race will take place well before the total evaporation of the water.


Useless, however, alarmed: though the extinction of the human race to happen in half the time required by scholars, none of us can bear witness to the tragedy which should take place between 2 billion years. However, the search for astrologists at the University of East Anglia was not so much the objective of establishing the date of the end of life on Earth, how to define a reliable model to estimate the likelihood and possible timing of the development of forms of life on extra-solar planets potentially habitable discovered in recent years and even on Mars (which is currently located in the habitable zone of the solar system).

In particular, astrologists have focused on the evaluation of the time required for the development of complex life forms , comparable to humans. The estimate for the end of life on Earth, from this point of view, it served to understand that mankind has used 75 percent of the time space of the Earth to evolve. Assuming that the same could also occur elsewhere, this data may provide important than the time required to develop intelligent species on other planets.

We can predict if and when there will be an alien species is endowed with intelligence? Perhaps, although the researchers keen to point out that the biological evolution is determined significantly by even the case , then, determine the period of habitability of a planet only has a probabilistic value. In addition, so far has not identified any planet very similar to Earth.