New Zealand is an Anglo-Saxon countries belonging to the Anglo-Saxon university system , which means that enrollment in universities across the country costs may seem particularly high for French students. International students do not pay the same registration fees as New Zealand students, it is indeed study in New Zealand can be a little more expensive than expected.

The registration fees for universities, a significant investment?

A year of study in New Zealand at Undergraduate costs on average between 18,000 and 25,000 dollars NZD, nearly 10 000-14 500 euros the year, excluding the cost of living on site and the cost for transport to New Zealand. The registration fee can go up to 40,000 New Zealand dollars per year, or nearly € 25,000 for Postgraduate programs.

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This represents a significant investment but highly profitable since you study in New Zealand you will get an Anglo-Saxon degree and an excellent level of English. In addition, many scholarships are available at each university, and allow good students to receive partial or full coverage of their fees.

The registration fee in New Zealand, when and how to pay?

The registration fee can be paid in different ways, and must be paid before your student visa application, thus demonstrating that you have the means to study at university. If you went through a placement agency university as Study Experience , it is possible to pay via this agency. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer, but watch out for extra costs involved, the bank is located abroad and particularly large amount. You can also simply pay by credit card, providing your bank details when registering, the levy is that if your place within the university confirmed.

Once your registration fee paid, it’ll just make your student visa application. If they were to be denied later, you will pay for all or almost all the amount you paid to the university. More you make your application, the sooner you have a chance in case of problems you get a full refund!