To enter Indian universities Undergraduate level, every French student must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in order to validate his right to enter higher education. The criteria for selection of Indian Universities differ as in most European universities, and are therefore required higher or lower depending on the university and the training you want to join. Unless you want to learn the language Local, training will be provided in English. The academic year begins in India in July / August, which differs from the academic year in France.

Register for universities in India, how?

There are two options for students wishing to enroll in universities in India. The first is to apply by sending the file directly via the website of the University where possible or by mail.


The registration file contains the majority of cases:

* Transcripts of the first and terminal as well as the degree for those entering first grade.
* Notes diplomas of higher education subsequently prepared and the results of BA for those enrolling in 2nd year or more.
* The fee or registration if there is. They run on average around 30 to 50 dollars per university.
* A cover letter explaining your choice training, university and why you come to study in India.
* A resume outlining your training and your career.
* The entire file will of course be written in English.
* You will also be asked to pass a language test to prove that you have a sufficient level of English to be able to attend classes.

The second is to go through the DASA or Direct admission for students abroad. Organized by the Indian government, this solution allows you to enter in a undergraduate program for non-residents. The training offered by the program are regulated by the National Institute of Technology and other important bodies of Indian Education.