The procedures to register for Swedish universities may vary slightly from one university to another , but are generally the same.

Sweden offers several websites to find the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs that suit you, all in differentiating programs taught in English to those taught in Swedish. The deadlines to apply to universities in Sweden may vary from one university to another but are generally located in mid-January. Feel free to prepare your case as soon as possible! For those wishing to start classes directly in the second half, registrations are up to mid-September. Registrations are actually facilitated by the Swedish system, a good way to start is to go on-site admissions.

Undergraduate enrollment in the program (Bac to Bac +4)

Undergraduate enrollment in the program are using the system in Sweden, which allows to apply to universities of their choice via the website. Achieving your file is done online, step by step so you can facilitate the process. It only remains for you to follow the tutorial to register for Swedish universities in English.


Registration for the Postgraduate program (Master and Research):

Registration for Master’s programs and research is still done via the site admissions in Sweden. To find your program. More than 600 degrees of Master level are presented to you to choose four and add your choice via the online admission procedure. Again, the constitution of your application is online to help you approaches.

Wait for the response of the Swedish Universities

Once the deadline for submission of past record, universities are beginning to see student records and determine recognized by several factors namely the results obtained throughout the study, professional and personal projects, motivation. The initial responses of universities normally arrive from the month of March for the first half of September, and from the month of November for the first half of January. Once the response is received, you will need to confirm via the website for admission to universities in Sweden which program you wish to participate. Once there, you will need to register with the authorities of the territory as a citizen of the European Union that are not part of the Nordic countries.