Do you love languages ​​and would like to teach? Maybe you should consider the possibility to focus on Italian. According to recent data, in fact, our language is the fourth most popular in the world , with a smaller number of students than just English, French and Spanish. Who specializes teach the language as a second language (L2) to foreigners, therefore, may have excellent career prospects.

In spite of the cliches of grammar difficulties and problems related to the conjugation of many too many? Irregular verbs, there are many foreigners who want to learn Italian. Around the world are more than 687mila those who choose channels “official”, to which must be added also the students who enroll in schools and private courses. Numbers of absolute importance, that lead our language in fourth place among the most studied.


Only in Italy, the 81 Italian Cultural Institutes deliver the beauty of the 8,165 language courses, which are nearly 70 thousand students. Then there is the Dante Alighieri Society , 406 committees, 266 centers for skills certification of Italian L2 and more than 195 thousand students. Abroad, then, 176 universities have role players, with a catchment area of over 69 thousand students; 151 are the chairs for teaching Italian to foreigners financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with more than 25 thousand students; 134 Italian schools, with nearly 31 thousand students; Finally, about 300 thousand Italians are taking courses in native language abroad.

And more and more important for foreigners who want to learn our language and for the same teachers of Italian to foreigners are becoming the digital resources. Among sites that specialize in Italian L2, with units and teaching cards, and video lessons: learning Italian also goes for the Internet. Even here, with very high figures. As the average of 700 hits per day one million visits per year recorded by one of the major portals and increased access by 60 percent in one year. Among the innovations in the field? A web TV of the publisher Loescher, with seventy video on Italian for foreigners.

If our language is the fourth most studied in the world and the interest in it seems to be increasing, it may be a wise choice for your future employment gain the skills for his teaching. The opportunities in this sense there, between specific and master degree programs.