In 2010, Italy had nearly 60 public universities spread throughout the country , including three technical universities and two university dedicated to foreigners.

It is also possible to join one of the 17 private The Italian online university system legally recognized by the Italian state , but logically have registration fees much higher for an education that is not necessarily a better level. Unlike France, the system of great schools is very low, the policy of the state is rather equivalent education for all, regardless of income. This does not mean that the cost of education is the same everywhere. Diplomas in Italy are perfectly suited to the LME and since 2001. They are divided into three levels, similar to French diplomas:

The degree in Italian universities :

Diploma bac +3, is the French license. It gives rise to 180 credits within the LME. Since 2004, in order to facilitate vocational integration of young people degree has undergone a review of its system to adapt to the needs of the world of work. Thus, if the first year is always a common trunk with general education, students have the choice for the next two to move to either a vocational or remain in teaching methodology in order to continue his studies on online university. This revision was ridge to facilitate entry into the labor market, for students wishing to go out with a tray 3.


The Master of Science in Italian universities:

Diploma bac +5 level corresponds to the French master. It gives rise to additional 120 credits or 300 credits in total. Logical in further studies after a degree in the same field, the Master of Science offers specialized education and directed towards specific areas, like our Master Professional in France. The eventual aim is to train students for specific positions, so that it has a maximum luggage theoretical but also practical.

The Research Doctorate in Italian universities :

Diploma bac + 8 corresponds to the French doctorate. It aims to give you the skills needed to integrate a research department within a university, any firm or a private organization. To access the training, you need a degree bac +5 (Master). But this is not enough, you must also pass a national competition, the number of places is limited.