Being multilingual is possible in Andorra where three school systems and teaches English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

Learning a language is more complicated when it has reached adulthood, so it is important that the learning of a foreign language is made ​​from childhood. That is what is recommended by teachers but it is clear that much of the achievements of the education system depends implanted governments. And the differences are palpable when compared to the Nordic countries with Mediterranean countries, for example. The inclusion of English language reference in the curriculum is late and fruitless, especially in southern European countries.

The importance of the education system to learn languages

Countries like Spain , Italy, Greece and Portugal are in the tail of the surveys when asked about their knowledge of English. But you have to look closely and see that not all the same. For example, a country that has three different educational systems and are of free choice. That is, any school can enroll in the center that suits you, whether the Andorran system, the Spanish or the French system. Andorra in this sense, makes a clear commitment languages. For starters, Andorra is Catalan as an official language, but you can also use Spanish and French. No official status but most of Andorran dominates these three languages.


Andorran educational system: who gains more followers

Schools that follow the Andorran system are those earning over enrolled in recent years. In fact, the Andorran School separates compulsory education in maternal education, from 3 to 6 years, first teaching, from 6 to 12 years and Secondary Education, from 12 to 16. The interesting thing is that, apart from focusing on the country’s own language, Catalan, also taught the Castilian and French or English.

Spanish education system: down

From about three years ago the Spanish educational system has been losing students. It is no accident and is that Andorra is a country receiving immigrants , most of whom come from Spain. The economic situation has forced many families to return to their country and that also shows in the enrollment of new students. The crisis in this model has culminated this year with the closure of the Spanish School of Massana. The Software is still determined by the Spanish Ministry of Education but under the agreement that exists with Andorra, the country’s own subjects, as Catalan language and history of the Principality. Therefore, the dominant language is Spanish, but Catalan is learned as a foreign language, English.

French educational system: stable

As in the Spanish system, it is supervised by the French Ministry of National Education and the language that dominates is the French . Obviously is the language classes but also teaches Catalan, as well establishes himself in the bilateral agreement between Andorra and France.

Learning Portuguese: under negotiation

There are other language which claims its presence in the educational spectrum and it is Portuguese. In fact, the Portuguese community represents 17% of the population residing in the Principality of Andorra. This high percentage also makes you want to enter the Portuguese in the Andorran educational system, in principle, as an optional language. For now, just about a project in which they work and the Andorran Ministry of Education and the Portuguese Embassy in Andorra. An initiative in the 2011-2012 academic year could be a reality. Language learning in Andorra is a clear reflection of the composition of the society. Andorran, Spanish, French and Portuguese are the main nationalities living in this small country. And each of the languages, also has a space reserved in education.