How was your housing search Difficult or not?

This is a super expensive city. I was advised to find a home to go on Crag’s list, but after two months of searching I found nothing. All apartments less than $ 800 were anarchy with owners is telling Philippines, which must be a transfer of a rather large amount before receiving the keys by mail. An Italian students with me had tried, and she had never had any apartment when she was sent almost $ 2,000.

For housing, I denounce lucky. I stayed at the hotel for two weeks because I thought it would be easier to find locally. Finally I have not found, but a real estate agent told me those had a room with her, and she was ready to hire me for $ 300. In San Francisco, the average price will be around 1000 to 1200 dollars in rent, and nearly $ 3,000 for a studio apartment, so I agreed immediately!


You managed not to hurt friends there?

It’s very easy to make friends there, you go to a bar you worry 4-5 friends easily. And it is not superficial! They will recontaminate later if they organize an event, do not hesitate to invite you. There is also a site called “Meetup”. If you’re passionate about something, you created a group of people in the region to join the discussion. In the end, they offer an appointment in the city and you meet.

Outings and trips to the United States during the internship:

What was your typical week when you were in San Francisco? So for the typical week, I will say that during the days of the week before going to work, I got up at 7am, I made a run from 7am to 8am, and a bike ride and then a bus from 8 am to 9 am visit the premises.

Once at work, I was at the “front desk” from 9am to 12pm. Then for the “Lunch” break, we could go eat when we wanted but I kept my habits “Frenchie” and I was going to breakfast at sea to 12pm. Then a small benignant half an hour in our very cold Pacific Ocean at 5 minutes walk from the office. In the afternoon, I resumed work until 5:00 with often teamwork near the manager’s office. On a regular basis, we also had meetings between trainees and the manager on Friday afternoon, and with the team on Wednesday morning.

Between 5am and 7am, we often had “After works” in our conference room that turned gladly open bar for the occasion. We were also invited to events and galas of the association of property owners in San Francisco, but also the association of Brokers, the LGBT organization (trade promotion Gay / Lesbian), etc.

San Francisco is also an impressive nightlife, and first introducing me there is nothing less than my manager of 27 years with multiple tattoos, and participated in dozens of festivals. San Francisco is a city of tips, I happened to talk to a few people on the bus and then they gave me free tickets to see the Giants (baseball team SF). You can also get free movie tickets in some places for a ride bike overnight with 300 people.

Have you traveled during your stay in the United States?

Yes, I had the opportunity to travel outside of San Francisco, most of the time with friends who had relatives or acquaintances right to left. I was hosted for free, which made me not take a lot of opportunities for several weekends to go skiing at ‘Lake Taho “(2h30 drive), from three days in Los Angeles (4 hours drive) spend 4 days in San Diego (7 hours drive) to spend Christmas in Las Vegas (12:30 car), a weekend in Reno, a weekend in Santa Barbara.

Travel is also facilitated by the fact that renting a car and buying gasoline are much cheaper than in France. For students, it is a difference that counts! On weekends when I did not go on a journey right to left, we often went to Castro Fares fairs organized in the gay area causing all kinds of businesses seeking to promote their products, services and entertainment. I also had the right to quite a weekend barbecue with friends in the sun in Los Gates and Santa Clara (30 min drive).

A final word about your experience to finish?

I recommend to all of San Francisco, which is for me the most open, intriguing and crazy all the cities I know. Finally, whether in San Francisco or elsewhere in abroad, I think the key to a successful stay abroad, is to know all the opportunities, and enjoy it thoroughly! And do not forget to set goals and a budget before leaving, it’s always good to have benchmarks! So that was my little philosophy the times I ‘harassed’ my company to fully fund my San Francisco Marathon and my Triathlon Los Angeles. These past the code and conduct during the first three months, avoiding me to ruin me to get my license and moping of not achieving the American majority in October hours.