With the development of new technologies the view of university education is enriched by a new resource: the online universities. Telematic universities fall into the category of non-state public universities.In contrast to the universities ‘private’, which are promoted by a private entity, online universities, though he is non-state, retain the status of public, as they are promoted by local authorities, foundations or consortia.

It ‘important to note that they are created by ministerial decree and shall be subject, with regard to the recruitment of teachers and the provision of educational qualifications, the discipline of public law. The degrees awarded by universities online, therefore, have the same value as those issued in the traditional way. In Italy there are several on-line universities (we can count about a dozen), organized in much the same way.

The main instrument of online universities is, of course, a telematics platform that efficiently provides students with the appropriate resources to prepare for exams. The students in each class text documents, slides, recorded comments by the teachers, materials for self-assessment and the ability to communicate constantly with the professors and tutors through e-mail. The only time in which the student has to go physically herein are those in which it is to support the tests , which consist of written and oral evidence to the presence of the teacher of the course.


The training of the universities online is substantial and includes courses in bachelor’s degree and degree but also courses of post-graduate education and master of I and Level II. The type of degree courses provided across the various online universities, but there is a fair degree of prevalence of humanistic nature. The registration fee varies from university to university but usually is around 2000-3000 euro per year.

Telematic universities are certainly a number of advantages that make that are in high demand. The main advantage is certainly to be able to study at home , at home and at the times that are most convenient to each. You can also enroll in courses at any time of year. This is particularly suitable for people who work and who, perhaps, need to achieve a degree to advance in their careers, but it would time and opportunity to take courses. In addition, the ability to also support each exam allows to integrate their studies already completed to enter in competitions or graduate schools that require a specific curriculum.

On the other hand, online university has the disadvantage of not allowing physical contact with teachers and other students. The university is also a meeting place for cultural exchange and experience, which establish meaningful personal relationships between young students. The frequency of lectures allows direct interaction with the teacher, which can be more effective than a mail exchange. This is to say that the online universities is not in competition with the traditional university, but is complementary to it, as it is an opportunity that is added to suit a range of users with special needs.