The game is a phenomenon linked to motor health, mental and emotional individual, and serves as a meeting with other players.

Video games are clear signs of learning and have become the focus of entertainment and fun for children and adolescents. Today, the use of online games than any form of entertainment, even out to play with friends on the street. Children and adolescents prefer this type of entertainment as it involves developing skills in relation to technology and electronic media as well as develop skills to find the logic in each game and of course the excitement and interest to advance each level of play.

What is the function of a video game?

For many, video games are only for entertainment, a piece informatics leisure, but also a useful tool that can be used in school. The role the game depend on the purpose to be achieved, for example, develop a theme that responds to a particular idea or to learn to design and create a video game, so you will handle various component elements such as audio, Image and video. They are often used in an educational and others are for the management of aggression and destructiveness, which are expressed symbolically.


The development of a game

At this stage it is important to define the basics that make up the game, among them:

Genre: identify the nature or category in which to develop the game. Not having a known, you must specify the features.
Game play: detonator that generate fun when playing.
Story board: Some ideas about how the game should look like in terms of characters, setting, music, strategies.

What topics addressed video games?

Many of them deal with universal human problems, especially those who care about the child’s mind. The stories that develop in them connect with their little world and stimulate their development and motor skills. To address at children, 6 to 12 years, online educational games must be accessible and easy to understand, fun, dynamic and practical, but its main goal is to promote the development of imagination, creativity and diverse skills to discover new skills and strengths in the child. There are several options in which a baby can enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable time, for example:

# Coloring games
# simulation
# action
# memory
# puzzles
# snakes and ladders
# columns relate
# and hobbies

Likewise are other names like Booble Shooter, Crow Valley, Happy Wheels, Farm, among others. Another equally important audience is young, 12 to 17 years, but here the issues are different, they are targeted to the educational-cognitive, such as:

# English
# mathematics
# algebra
# hearing and language
# typing
# Spanish as a foreign language and
# special education and child.

However, there are other recreational games are: Tetris, Poker, Solitaire, among others.

Education and Video

In various parts of Europe such as Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands and United Kingdom used in schools an infallible teaching tool, attractive and functional: video games, it is proven that they are closely related to cognitive processes and motivational, which are essential for learning in children and adolescents, it is for this reason that First World countries include them as part of a school subject.

How to optimize a computer for gaming?

The games of the last generation are increasingly demanding to be used in a computer because they need a power source. However, there are certain tools that will help the machine to be more powerful than it normally is, giving the user an unforgettable gaming experience.

Game Booster : This tool optimizes your computer to make better use of resources when running games. Operations performed are: updating hardware drivers, download basic tools for the game, setting system settings for the game, clean the RAM, and intensifying processor performance, among other things.
Fire Game : is a free tool that speeds up the gaming experience on Windows, a utility for PC acceleration because it allows enjoying video games on the PC through the transformation of a simple computer into a powerful gaming . Some advantages are: increased use of CPU and RAM by reducing the CPU usage by closing unnecessary functions and processes and defragmenting the RAM.

In conclusion, the educational game is a great business tool for both teachers and parents, so the individual can know, learn and understand their environment.