Internships abroad with actual earnings are more common than one might think , the majority of developing countries moving towards a minimum wage for students in training to prevent abuses by companies. Find a paid internship abroad is therefore not a feat in itself, however find a well-paid internship application immediately greater involvement, and an interesting job profile for employers!

Varying levels of wages on the internship offers:

Depending on your destination, your industry and the domain to which you are applying, the remuneration may vary from one to three. difficult in these circumstances to evaluate the salary you can expect as an intern abroad!

A high level of training, guaranteed pay:

When posting a recruitment ad on the platforms of international jobs, companies mainly looking for students with a high level of education. Students in business schools, engineering schools or Master program are often the first targeted by these ads. These offers are in almost all paid, with varying levels of pay, but interesting enough to attract graduates.


Level students License / Bachelor, who for the most part no specialization in the eyes of employers, may be excluded internship offers with pay. If you have not yet reached the Master cycle, has to sell you as much as possible to recruiters to attract attention and get contracts and benefits.

Large international groups, internships abroad often well paid:

National and international staff of more than 500 companies often represent a guarantee to obtain a position of responsibility with a minimum compensation to correct, but sometimes rather generous.
Probing different platforms recruitment, the average salary of a trainee a large group revolves around the following averages:

Bac + 2 (Associate Degree, Vocational): 450 euros / month
Bac +3 (Degree, Bachelor): 700 euros / month
Bac + 4 (School of Business / Engineering, Bachelor of Honor, Master 1): 1100 euros / month
Bac + 5 (School of Business / Engineering, Master’s Degree, Master 2): 1250 euros / month

Legislation sometimes guaranteeing remuneration:

In France, an internship must be paid if it exceeds the period of 7 weeks, for a minimum wage of 436.05 in 2013. This compensation often regarded as compensation rather than a salary avoids any unpaid work.All developed countries do not necessarily have regulations requiring companies to pay their interns , so you target the country with a minimum to ensure compensation.

The developing countries, wages sometimes interesting:

In addition to providing an interesting and different setting, the developing countries often provide internship opportunities paid correctly. In some cases, such as China, Eastern Europe and Russia, wages are even more than comfortable when you join a large group, while the standard of living is lower. Beware however, apply for internship opportunities in developing countries does not guarantee a high salary, and few have some drawbacks.

Internships abroad paid more responsibilities:

Companies offering paid internships expect much of that during an internship without compensation. With an unpaid internship, students often have the opportunity to take some rest days or less looking over their working hours. It will not be the case in the context of a paid internship, and expect to be treated like a real employee, with the constraints that responsibility. The company will usually be asked to sign a contract to accept your tasks, schedules and your working conditions. We therefore ask you to work hard, often as much as other employees of the company!