Australian student visa is for all students wishing to return to training in a university, it is a Bachelor, a Master, or language courses. The visa for your project is the 573-1 student visa. The visa application must be made after the Australian university to which you have applied has accepted you in one of these courses, and you have the admission letter.

How much is Australian student visa?

At the request of the Australian student visa, you will be asked to pay the sum of 550 Australian dollars, or about 420 euros. This makes it one of the most expensive student visas in the world which you have to add the cost of Join the Australian university, which is in the thousands of euros, see tens of thousands of euros.
If you want to work on site during your studies, it will take longer to apply for a work permit for an additional cost of 60 Australian dollars.

The possibilities offered by the Australian student visa:

Here are the different possibilities offered by the Australian student visa:

* Allows you to work 20 hours per week maximum during school and full-time during the school holidays
* May be renewed indefinitely if you enroll in a full time course whenever
* Stay an additional 4 weeks after the end of the course


What are the requirements to apply for a student visa?

To apply for your student visa to the Australian Government, you must:

* Have been accepted into an institution of Australian full-time education
* Have a private and compulsory health insurance
* Pay the registration fee to the university for the first half of an academic year or the total cost for English classes

Once these conditions are met, several options are available to you for the visa application. The online application seems most convenient for the majority of students. For steps, first make sure you have all the required documents for the visa , and then perform the steps for a student visa in Australia .