This article deals with the concept of the future skills and some important aspects of future competence in trainees apart. Trainees are more motivated in training, if they can help shape their own future competence. It’s fun and gives meaning to their daily work.

What is meant by future competence?

Future Competence is the ability to express one’s self in one’s own knowledge and vision of the dominant trends both professionally and personally (see Institute for Future Competencies, Vienna). My vision can be certain professional positions or family planning. Prevailing trends include the increasing importance of IT skills in the knowledge society and the need for certain key skills in the profession.
Trainees should understand the training while already thinking about their professional and personal future. The professional side refers to future education and training after the training, targeted career move and the possibilities of development of personality and personal strengths. For example, it may go private in order to financial and family planning considerations. Trainees with future competence are more motivated, committed and determined in the workplace.

Some aspects of the future skills

Order as an apprentice to competently to worry about his future, about the following key skills are useful: information gathering ability, orientation ability, planning ability, creativity, contextual thinking, abstract and lateral thinking, flexibility, self-organization, communication skills, self-marketing skills and vision capability. For many future considerations for the training to information obtained will be. What is needed is skillful Find for example, through conversations with helpful colleagues or specialists, by reflection or by reading magazines and books. Even the Internet can be a valuable tool.

Orientation ability is a prerequisite for action in vocational training. Trainees should be based on the training situation (routine and new tasks and the overall situation of the enterprise) and future-oriented values ​​(justice / fairness, environmental protection). The key planning skills including ability to plan individual steps and goals for the future. This can include time and schedules are made. These plans can be checked by the trainees themselves again and again. To be creative means to create something new. Creative is in training, who is independent, new solutions for future problems and introduces new ideas into the room. In general, creativity is the ability for creative thinking and action.


Among the contextual thinking means that trainees under the guidance of their instructor to create mind maps (mind maps) of important operational issues and professional goals. This includes the deductive logic, that is, from general to specific, inferred from the many to the One. Abstract thinking is generalized for trainees to professional matters can. It will be omitted in favor of the general and detailed individual essence. For example, a career scheme can be generally represented in a diagram.

Mental flexibility is called for now almost everywhere. Trainees and staff must be willing to constantly learn new future-oriented and develop. It’s about the ability to adapt to changing requirements in the professional environment can. The self-organization believes key skills, especially their own time and goal planning. How do I divide my time working a well? How do I organize and restructure my professional life and my future career? What are the priorities I set before I approach things? I have a good overview of my plans?

Students who are capable of communication can formulate their own messages clearly and correctly interpret messages from colleagues. You can communicate ideas about their future. Besides being able to listen and express themselves verbally can also attach to decrypt all other signals (facial expressions, gestures, posture) and respond accordingly. Even the marketing of a student consists of all activities in order to systematically and deliberately marketed itself. The trainee transfers the knowledge of marketing products and services for personal safety. Concerns of self-promotion is not an artificial adjustment, but a working out / emphasize their own strengths and conscious Underline these strengths.
If a trainee vision capability so he can build an image of a concept that is related to the future. He can see himself in a few years ago in a certain professional position or a visionary to imagine in this period, certain changes in the company.