The secret to a healthy heart is in three simple ingredients: tomato, onion and garlic. A sauce made ​​from these very common vegetables found in the kitchens of virtually all Italians, may even ward off cancer. This is because the most widely used among the pasta sauces contain substances that are very healthy for our body. It is the result of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Barcelona and published in the academic journal Food Chemistry.

According to this research, the fried – contrary to what was thought until now – could save us from irreparable damage to our health, giving special benefits to our heart. Thanks to a technique of mass spectrometry, high-resolution, in fact, in the sauce prepared with tomato, onion and garlic were highlighted for the first time 40 different types of poly phenols, substances natural antioxidants. It is “compounds originating from plants,” says Rosa Maria Lamuela, who led the study, which are considered “related to the reduction of cardiovascular disease.”


But the sauce is not just a tasty way to keep our heart healthy. In a good fried onion and garlic with the addition of tomato, are present in good quantity also other bio active compounds such as carotids – such as lycopene – and vitamin C , substances which are known for their protective effects against cancer, respectively against prostate and lung cancer. Provided, however, necessary because you can reap great health benefits is that the basis of this dressing there is the ‘ extra virgin olive oil .

Once you have discovered all of the benefits for the body related to traditional tomato sauce, now scientists are working to find the right dose for a fried ‘ideal’. Meanwhile, it is comforting to know how we can take care of our health without drugs and without waiver of the table. Thus, not only the heart will be more secure, but also the palate and stomach will thank full it will be easier to think positive , another of the best ways – as an established American research – to ward off cardiovascular disease .