Just finished exams, already getting ready to face the trials of college admissions, for those faculties for which there is a limited number of inputs. The first step for new freshmen will consist of a written test multiple choice: questions of logic and general knowledge, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics in addition, to Medicine, Nursing and Medical Radiology Techniques for Imaging and Radiation therapy, also psychological and behavioral questions. It is a system of selection which has been adopted by many Italian universities.

Most graduate programs are restricted to single-cycle degree or Master and concern the scope scientific and health: medicine and surgery, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and again, university diploma courses for the first level training of health nursing, rehabilitation and technical and specialized training of doctors. But in recent years are also growing in the number of humanities faculty that require passing an admission test.


So how do we best prepare for the exams?

1) First, we must approach the test in a calm and serene, in order to keep shiny and able to reason.
2) During the summer you will have to work out and practice through numerous training courses provided by universities and simulations tests downloadable from the internet.
3) Refer to the websites of university during the summer to keep you updated on any news concerning the test.

4) Always consult the evidence of the past.
5) Brush up on books in the general culture. There are different publishers, sizes, types, and issues such as. As regards the structure, instead, usually the tests are divided into parts, namely an area dedicated to understanding and to the study and the other exercise.
6) Do not forget to keep up to date on current, especially for university courses in communication sciences and sociology.
7) Concentrate especially on matters relating to the degree to which you appreciation: those scientific medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine etc and the literary and cultural activities for the humanities.
8) Never give anything for granted, do not underestimate the test, prepare and commit as much as possible during the summer.