Research on stem cells is one of the greatest hopes for the treatment of certain dangerous diseases. To celebrate the March 14 next thirty-eight European universities open their doors to high school students at the UniStem Day 2014 . The popular event, now in its sixth year, is sponsored by the Interdepartmental Centre for Stem Cell Research, University of Milan (UniStem).

Founded in 2006 by Elena life senator who is the current director together with Giulio, the center not only takes care of coordinating and promoting the study of stem cells, but also to spread the knowledge in this area is between the experts and the scientific community, both in civil society and among young people.


At first UniStem Day, in 2009, he participated in the sole of Milan. Over six years, the event has attracted more and more attention and garnered a growing number of participants, so that as of last year has even crossed national borders. Compared with 2013, this year the Italian universities involved will be four more (last year was thirty-four) and has grown so has the number of foreign universities. In addition to the seven, divided between Spain and the United Kingdom, which took part in the last edition, all UniStem Day 2014 also joined the University of Galway (Ireland) and the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), for a total of nine locations abroad in which will celebrate the event.

For UniStem Day 2014, organizers expect the presence of about 20 thousand students of high schools, scattered in various universities who will be celebrating the event. In each of the locations will be made ​​with experts in the field, during which we will also address topical issues such as the case Stamina and animal testing, visits to research laboratories, musical events, quiz competitions, sports activities and much more .

As in past editions, even during dell UniStem Day 2014 there will be simultaneous connections between the various universities, one of which will star the guest of honor at the event: the Director of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, who will speak on streaming to all students who take part in the event.

The UniStem Day 2014 will not only be an opportunity for students to approach the world of science and deepen their knowledge in relation to stem cells , but also a way to celebrate the work and commitment of many scientists who devote themselves with passion research in this particular field.