After the resolution that has seen an increase in tuition fees disproportionately now the canteen becomes a luxury for students sari. Il Board of ERSU has been faced with significant cuts of 500 thousand euro that force plans high, to make a decision in order to maintain services. The increases affect mainly the higher income groups, and this time, unlike what happened in the calculation of taxes, is replaced by a coefficient of merit that not only differentiates between income groups but rewards those who, by September, has reached 80 % of the credits needed to obtain the scholarship.


It seems there are no parameters, however, for students who fall into the higher end not having parameters applicable and not representative for their situation. For a week running the first news on the web and show a frightening picture of the situation with prices touching the 7 euro for the more high that do not have the required credits; “unsustainable prices that force me to give up the mess,” said one student architecture, being students of the separate branches, such as students and Kronur biodiesel risk losing much of their services in order to secure the services at the headquarters of Karissa.

In order to save the situation, ERSU asked the Region to use 600 thousand euro remains bound to its administration to not only maintain services to the student but to pursue projects such as a new campus which includes new seats bed and recreational facilities for the student.

The National Sardinia saw last academic year increased by 30% the use of catering services with the new parameters and a significant amount of income this year more students will get a scholarship and can make free use of and all this, with rising costs for raw materials and personnel, has led the institution to make a decision to maintain an essential service. Always committed to improving, despite the tragic situation in which it is located, the organization has expanded its services offering, for example, a menu and a bakery just for Celia disease and has started the renovation of two residence halls, but students Karissa, tired and desperate because of continuing cuts invite you to protest on social networks pointing the finger at the recent allocation of more than 1 million euro by the region for the parishes sardines. Once again, therefore, the Turritan University and its students are placed in front of the measures that a serious danger after the tax increase, to lead to a complete renounced that does not seem to be a priority for our region and the study.