“The safer but more easy cause means of preventing crimes was to improve education.” Copyright Cesare Beccaria, Marquis of Gualdrasco and Villareggio, but especially jurist and philosopher of the Enlightenment. He wrote these words in 1763, but could have written them yesterday, today, maybe tomorrow. Because it points to a model of civilization, the rule of law, after three centuries often is still a goal. Sometimes as close as a result of initiatives such as game Wednesday from University of Urbino and the regional superintendency administration Penitentiary, namely the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of a university center that allows inmates to earn a degree. In 14 articles you start a path already taken in other regions and that even the Marches had not experienced.

university center

The agreement, which is based in Somberness , the super prison in which activities will take place, actually involves all seven prisons in the region. The superintendency is committed to ensuring access of prisoners to the project, as well as the necessary logistics; the University to provide education for all courses study implemented within the Polo. Other details? Yes, registration is preceded by an audit and guidance. The party, whose task will also be to promote cultural initiatives on a proposal from the government and evaluate educational-teaching staff turned to the super prison, also recognize the innovative character of university teaching.

Much more important than the individual aspects, however, is the perception that you get from an overview: “The relationship between the university and prison – said the Rector Vilberto Stocchi – continues for years. This further development back on the person. Surely we will have in front of someone who has made ​​a mistake but that is re-educated to the law, making an effort towards growth and the knowledge of the truth “. “It ‘a very important agreement – said the Vice-Chancellor at the Third Mission, Fabio Musso – a strong social value that will make use of teaching methods in telematics and presence and will extend the implementation of workshops, debates and conferences. ”

A paradigm shift has been stated by the Superintendent : “The prison can become in this way a moment of transition, a lever of change of the person. The detainee is perceived as a resource and education acquires all its cultural value. ” If, as mentioned by Maurizio Brushes , executive penitentiary , “the protocol comes from a distance, thanks to the quality of work of the staff”, it was easy to get there: “To come to this point – added the head of the inmates of the Superintendency, Daniela – was easier than expected. Now passes through college growth and rescue the person. “