Bitcoin becomes less virtual, to become a currency in almost all respects. There is even a university – the ‘ University of Nicosia , Cyprus – who will accept it for payment of fees is the first time ever in the world that such a thing happens. Think about that until two years ago, when the value of virtual currency had dropped to two dollars, everyone gave up for dead and they had already announced the end. Then, a year ago, the unexpected recovery, and today it seems to travel more than $ 400, reaching in some cases even at an altitude of 700.

” We are aware – says Christos Vlachos, chief financial officer of the University of Nicosia, which will also offer a Master in Digital currency – that digital currency is one inevitable technical development, which will lead to a significant innovation of the ‘ online commerce , financial systems , payments and remittances affect international and global economic development. ” Furthermore, it is confident in the benefits that the payment in bitcoins will bring: “The digital currencies – adds Vlachos – will create more efficient services and will serve as a mechanism for spreading financial services in less economically developed regions of the world. ”


Here, in detail, the advantages which result from the payment in bitcoins : first, the virtual currency allows you to facilitate international transactions , bypassing banks and related taxes. In addition, it is less susceptible to inflation, this is thanks to a system of “production” of new coins and highly controlled. Finally, this type of currency is not traceable. That said, it is quite easy to understand why it is convenient to adopt this means of payment.

However, even if the University of Nicosia will be the first to accept the bitcoin , so that the scriptural spread worldwide, it is necessary that before stabilizes, reaching a balance sufficient. Furthermore, if on the one hand, this explosion in the value of virtual currency has encouraged the ‘ interest of investors , on the other hand is creating many problems for those who until a few years ago that currency used to buy items on the Net.