There, as in most countries, both types of institutions in the Russian higher education. were found in public higher education at a lower cost, but also private education, which offers not necessarily equivalent training or recognized by the Russian state.

Public higher education in Russia

Russian students returning to college at age 17, and prepare for an average of two years ago, with a specific entry in the Russian higher education called the EMT test. This test is used to classify students according to the results, and thus distinguish the best students from other prospective students.

Excellent results in this test means getting an almost free education, scholarships and university housing cost, which allows the best students to study in Russia in optimal conditions. Russia therefore favors merit, and is a kind of pre-selection relatively early. But beware, do not pass this test does not mean stop studying! The Russian students who had average results in EMT test will just pay for their own higher education.


Private higher education in Russia:

There are two branches in the private higher education in Russia, the same branch conventional universities are recognized by the Russian states, and most technological branches whose diplomas are often from short courses, not always recognized by the state but which nevertheless subsequently joining a university course on competition.

The most interesting establishments are certainly Colleges, legacy of American university system, which are technical training for three or four years later to join a university. There are now 680 such institutions in Russia.
The “Technical” is the second solution to prepare professional degrees. These take place in two years, and prepares to enter the labor market in a specific area. The costs of higher education are Russian private school today as 360 euros over 7600 euros for a year of study. ‘s up to you to find the property that suits you in terms of training but also cost .