Before making a speech and certain operations are necessary preparation.

At the time of preparing and delivering a speech or public intervention comes into play several phases of preparation, which is known as rhetorical operations. Throughout history, the rhetoric developed the method of integral development discourse, from its origins in the thinking to their utterance.


The first operations classical rhetoric called inventio, which can be translated by “finding, gathering, discovery.” It consists of the time to seek and find the reasoning, evidence and examples, figures in the speech will be implemented. It is a time and previous operation to the most attractive, as the pronunciation of it, but essential that everything runs efficiently.



Some authors point to a previous operation, called intellectio , that is to understand the subject proposed. Keep in mind that any communicative act begins with activities that internal brain in the process of communication is called issuer. These activities are purely subjective and occur in the privacy of the person’s mental processes. In this operation intellectio must understand the matter in question, that which is proposed or what is going to speak, in its entirety, assigning the appropriate categories and by its logical structure to respond to the same in the subsequent intervention.

Accuracy of the subject

The ancients, with respect to judicial discourse, distinguish whether what is was to speak was a quaestio infinite, a general question or thesis, or a quaestio finite specific question or hypothesis. The initial goal of understanding something is to situate the speaker in the world. If a general matter, the argument would work differently than if a single issue that can spell out more precisely, using specific examples.

This general situation and specific problems extending several concretions, detailing every aspect of what is being treated. Continuing with the example of the former, based on the judgments that distinguish whether a matter was to be submitted to the court was in conjecture status, the determination of the facts, finitionis status, the legal name of what had happened and its definition qualities status, the legal definition and status Translations, in case of challenge or appeal the case.

Still need more that must be established with the intellectio, as does qualities Victor, author of the second century, adding that it should be clarified by the species, so the cause in question at all times and degrees of credibility . Without going into technical details of such rhetoric, intellectio that allows the speaker to know what’s going to be treated and on which to build the discourse and to evaluate and go hard enough pre rhetoric situation in which it is located .

Think the speech

One of the keys to developing an intervention lies in the time spent on processing, not only to write or rehearse, but above all to think about the issue. This aspect of the speech is usually the most neglected, and even not touched in the manuals that are available on the subject. Ignored to have a method to address the problem of reflection on a variety of issues is a source of capacity for future operations and the proper way to address the problems. This operation, think about what we have to deal or say, it is extremely important not only for oratory, but as a starting point for our understanding of reality, hence the root of all communicative process rather than formal mastery or artistic features, is meditation and reflection on things.