Studying away from home is surely one of the most grueling challenges for each student, but it is also the most formative. So if you are a student out of the office, today I would like to talk about some tips that go far beyond lectures and examination sessions: how to deal with good your new life away from home and mom and dad!

Looking for a home!

The first challenge for a student out of the office without a doubt has to find a home. Some students are lucky enough to take advantage of university housing , but we’re talking about, unfortunately, a small minority! Others are forced to fend for themselves, often having to deal with unscrupulous homeowners, housing the limit of decency and roommates who are more like wild animals! Here are some tips to help you find your ideal home.


Are you looking for small houses. not focus your attention on homes of 200 square meters where maybe you’ll end up with 6 roommates! Even if you have a single room, the quality of living will always be inversely proportional to the number of roommates! Therefore, try to choose medium to small apartments with a total number of roommates possibly less than or equal to 3.

Location is important. If you study or work, you probably do not spend much time at home. So, the location of the house in the city will be critical. The coming close to a metro / bus / tram, train station, a supermarket / shopping center within walking distance, a street not too busy, easy to get to the right, are all factors to be taken into great consideration before choosing the house .

Consider the total price of the rent. To properly compare the different apartments you visit, always ask about all the expenses that you must take over the lease. E ‘will be a deposit? If so, how much? Payments are monthly or quarterly? Condominium charges are included? There is central heating or self? What is the average bill for summer and winter? Internet? Light? Water? Rubbish?

Search for a job

Rent, utility bills, food, taxes, university books, evenings with friends, unless you’re not rich family, you definitely need to round up your income with some work occasionally. Here are some tips on how to:

See the ads on the web. As with many other things, the internet can be an invaluable source of information even when you are looking for a job . the portal offers the possibility of making advanced searches, selecting, among the jobs, the sector that interests you most, then move on to the selection of the region of the province, municipality, to the neighborhood! Although the offer is large, some cities in the South are significantly lower than those of the Center-North, however, in every region there are interesting opportunities for resident students. There is also the possibility to choose between different types of contract: permanent, temporary, project stage.

Trust in the power of word of mouth. If you go wrong with web ads, you can always take advantage of word of mouth and university boards. This could also be a way like another in order to create new friendships.
Get to know the city. Each city offers opportunities to work in different ways and at different times of the year to give priority to your studies, you can choose to do only seasonal jobs in order to take advantage of the festivities. This applies especially to the tourist towns: jobs in Rome, for example, many during the holiday periods, given the large number of tourists in those times. Same goes for Florence and Venice. Bologna, however, offers excellent opportunities in conjunction with the exhibitions, as well as Milan.