Turin has one of the most numerous student populations of Italy and most of the 100 thousand members in its faculty are made ​​off. more than 50% of these no place in university residences and choose to Athens Ohio rentals a room in a shared flat with other students. to live in shared apartments in Turin are students from all parts of Italy, especially the south, moved to Turin, a very valuable offer university . the polytechnic, in particular, is frequented by a lot of non-resident students who live in rented rooms in the area surrounding the university, which has taken the name of the area “poles”.

The heating

The Turin winter is definitely hard. students out of the office from the warmer regions of the south right away to learn to deal with the snow and low temperatures. when searching for a room to rent in Turin, then, is well informed about the operation of geyser the. the cost of heating affects a lot on monthly expenses for students living in a rented room in Turin or in a city in the north, where temperatures can commonly get below zero degrees in the winter months. is preferred then a room in an apartment where heating is autonomous, non-centralized, so that you can manage to fit your needs.


Live from offsite Turin

Cliches want the Turin are of a cold and distant. nothing further from the truth. no coincidence that many of the students choose to remain in Turin made off after graduation. the Turin are used to living with students who rent rooms to live in their city for decades, and live in harmony in a young and multicultural which Turin, as a university town. more to live in a rented room means sharing an apartment with friends who live or have lived away from home in the same way. integration will not be difficult!