England is the English-speaking countries closest to ours, there is no quicker to find in an English environment! More transportation cost is lower than other destinations because of the short distance. There are several ways to go to England

Train : Average best known, Eurostar passing under arm and takes you 2:15 in the heart of London! The departure is only to Paris Gare North. At the price, board book as soon as possible, or 3 months in advance. Prices then start at 80 euros return, a bargain! However, they can rise very quickly, and end 200 euros if they are made ​​at the last minute.

The Eurolines bus via : Prices start at 15 euros or 30 euros go to / return from Paris. Clearly cheaper than the train, we must also take into account the fatigue caused by the journey, even if you travel at night because it is not always easy to sleep on a bus. The advantage of this means of transport is the bus passengers are of all nationalities, including English, and it is easy to begin the discussion with them, so you can start to speak English before moving the border.


The airplane : it takes about 110 euros to a minimum to / from Paris to London, and it will be with a limited number of bags. Recommended for other destinations as London, where there are changes that are wasting time, otherwise it is better to prefer him on the bus or the Eurostar cheaper and not all need to slower in the end.

Documents necessary for a student traveling to England:

At the level of formality, the British government asked all foreign students to bring the following documents upon arrival in the UK so that the university conducts audits:

* A valid passport
* A visa if necessary
* Your plane ticket
* Your vaccination certificates
* The letter from the institution you accepting
* A document proving that you have the means to pay for education and your life there, and without the need to find work
* Different degrees you have achieved so far

Please note that checks are not automatic, however , see rare! The majority of papers that need to university (diplomas, etc) will be controlled via the internet before arrival, and the rest will be at the airport! It is rare that they ask you to prove that you have the means for a whole year.