Generalist training? No, thank you. They are the specializations and masters graduate to make a difference and help to find work . While the crisis becomes more and more difficult to get yourself in a world of work more and more competitive, it becomes crucial to find their own “niche”, forming in a specific area. The areas that provide the best career opportunities lie in the management of tourism, finance, risk management and internationalization, and universities are gearing up with an education ad hoc .

The times in which to find work enough to have a bachelor’s degree now seem very far, because most companies do not have sufficient resources to form from scratch an employee. What to do then? The right move is to acquire on their own the skills most in demand, maybe attending a postgraduate course at a university, taking advantage of the agreements and partnerships that these bodies shake with businesses, which can open up exciting career prospects at the end of the course.


Among the specializations acquired through postgraduate and master courses, one of the most popular is definitely the one in tourism , also due to the enormous artistic and natural heritage of Italy. The training courses offered by the universities in this field are many and the percentage of those who find work after they have visited are very high, with peaks of excellence such as those recorded by the Master in Economics and Tourism Management of the as ‘Foscari University of Venice, which has a placement really good, a few months after graduation is busy 82 percent of the participants, while one year 98.

If the post-graduate training in the tourism sector open prospects, especially within national borders, those in the field of finance can help you find work abroad with banks, insurance companies, intermediaries Financial support f and the like. One area that the crisis has brought to the fore is then especially that of risk management . And the provision of training for the academic year 2013-2014 is really wide. Especially in Milan, where the Cinemas, born from the Polytechnic University Consortium offers a variety of related master: one in Risk engineering, for the assessment of business risk, that in Hospital risk management, focused on health care facilities. Very expendable are also specializations that have to do with the export the internationalization , given the strategic value for companies of opening new markets to overcome the difficulties related to the decline in domestic demand.