They have been holding their breath for almost a month after completing the tests, but now the wait of the candidates who participated in the admission test 2013 is finished. In fact, today is the day of publication of the national ranking for access to Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary and Architecture, and eventually you will begin to have a clearer picture of the distribution of those admitted in the various locations.

With the inclusion of the list of national admission test 2013, each candidate will find out if it is already “assigned” to the location specified as the first choice, or if it’s just “booked” in a of those marked as alternatives. The score, however, is already known, since the test results were published on September 17 last the test of Veterinary Medicine, 23 Medicine and Dentistry, and 24 Architecture.


The system of national ranking for admission test in Medicine and Dentistry, Veterinary and Architecture is making his debut, although in past years were already running aggregations at territorial level. The mechanism requires that those who have obtained a useful score to fall in the number of seats available on campus favorite – or one in which they carried out the test – the resulting “assigned” to that office and have 4 working days of time, from today, to complete registration procedures. Who does not comply with the deadline, will be considered lapsed from the ranking and it will lose the opportunity to enroll.

Different, however, the situation of “booked”. These are the candidates who have failed to gain a position useful for enrollment in the university of first choice, but they have a score that would allow them access at one of the universities listed as alternatives in the pre-enrollment. In this case, it will always be worth the end of the 4 days, but only if the student decides to choose the university in which he was already reserved a place. Otherwise, each candidate will be able to wait for the ‘ update of the national ranking , which will take place every 5 days to see if the other students as they choose the forum in which to enroll, should get rid of another university somewhere between those optioned.