Coach threatens telematic universities : “You change or close.” Few teachers indefinitely, a small number of registered and often a number of degrees incongruous to members, united – in some cases – even to infrastructure problems: these are the main deficiencies identified in the universities online (in a total of eleven those examined by the Ministry of Education) .

The picture that emerges after six months of work by an internal committee dedicated three meetings, several hearings, the opinion of the Student Council (CNSU) and the dossier submitted in this regard by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System (ANVUR) ​​is not certainly flattering to the telematic universities of our country. In light of these data, the minister coach warns universities that are interested, if not will provide to come into compliance, their fate will be to close.


After this long and hard work of evaluation, telematic universities are shot down . And the Minister of Education does not discount them: ” Just to exemptions , “said Carrozza, adding that from now on, this kind of universities” must have certain rules as traditional universities, they must follow strict criteria for ‘ accreditation and recruitment of teaching staff. ” In addition, the minister continued, should “be able to evaluate, with the same criteria as traditional universities, the effectiveness and efficiency of the courses taught.” The intention is to do everything since “the next three-year plan . “

Telematic universities that present too many shortcomings – is to know Coach – will no longer be recognized by the Ministry of Education, resulting in risk of closure for bodies lose the certification, which automatically become less attractive to students, unable to issue licenses approved by the ministry.

To prevent this from happening, the universities online will have to increase the number of teachers with permanent contracts and increase research, today rather poor. But you will have to deal with other problems, since for the committee that was responsible for the evaluation of their quality “graduates telecommunications universities have less preparation than graduates of traditional universities. “It would seem, in fact, that organize exams and take loans “not suitable for securing the attainment of the expected competencies.”

As if to reiterate too many shortcomings in the e-university , it is interesting to note that during 2013 these institutions have requested accreditation of some 47 new degree courses, of which it has made, the Agency will spend only two. Other courses have been recognized, however, only in the second instance, following the judgments of the Tar and of the Council of State. In this regard, a request from the council for the evaluation of telematic universities is that ” certain types of courses are not impartiality remote : not everything can be taught over the internet. ”