2014 ended an emergency job! In November, the unemployment rate has reached 13.4% (ISTAT), an increase of 0.2 percentage points in quarterly terms and 0.9 points in twelve months. Compared to the previous month, 48,000 seats were lost well: the employment rate, 55.5%, thus decreases by 0.1 percentage points. This is the sad reality who know the young graduates of our country! But the nightmare of unemployment also concerns the students closer to the degree that they are not going to attend university and in front of a very uncertain future. The solution that many find is to pack up and leave, perhaps to attend a foreign university that, only to mention it during an interview, will have the power to hire a candidate due to its high reputation. So let’s see what are the universities that, according to the prestigious ranking of QS World Universities Rankings 2014/2015 , today can guarantee a job thanks to their coat of arms. Here we will discuss top 10 Universities.

top 10 universities

PS: One of the yardsticks used, there is also that of the prestige of the universities at the top of the most important companies in the world . The first Italian universities in this ranking is the Bocconi University in Milan , in 33rd place.

1. University of Oxford

For any job interview, just say the examiner to have studied at Oxford to have one foot in the company! It is in fact the university most sought by employers worldwide. Unfortunately, the cost of tuition fees are prohibitive for many: 9,000 pounds a year (11,530 euros). However, today you can take advantage of scholarships that can halve the costs.

2. University of Cambridge

In second place of the universities most popular employers find the most bitter rival of Oxford or Cambridge University. Unfortunately, like his illustrious “colleague”, the tuition fees are very high: even we are talking about 9,000 pounds a year! But even in this case, the cost of fees for the best students can be halved.

3. Harvard University

In the United States, Harvard is the elite higher education. High demand by employers, however, has a “defect” definitely daunting: to enter this prestigious university serving nearly $ 60,000 (just under 51,000 euros). However, the university wishes to let you know that over 70% of students receive financial aid and that 20% do not pay anything thanks to scholarships.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Prestige of at Harvard, until last year the annual fee to be able to attend the prestigious Boston University stood on $ 45,000 (just over 38,000 Euro). Probably due to its reputation for excellent university, the money you can earn with interest after graduation. But for a freshman, is definitely a great investment for the future. However, the possibility exists of loans and scholarships: I have benefited as much as 90% of students last year!

5. Stanford University

Among those on the list, Stanford can be considered a school “holistic” approach that does not require a high average or a minimum score to a standardized test to enter. Obviously, if you have a high average, good feedback and a high score to test your application for admission will make an excellent impression. But between fees, room, books and miscellaneous expenses come, attend this university could cost 62,000 dollars a year (52,000 euros). Stanford also, of course, offers to help with aid and scholarships. You have to see if it will be enough!

6. London School of Economics and Political Science

Now we come to what is considered the most important and prestigious European business schools. Sixth most popular universities by employers are the London School of Economics. Like other British schools, the annual tuition is around the £ 9,000. But the institute is at pains to point out that, over the years, the cost could go up!

7. Imperial College London

The Imperial College London is a prestigious British university based in London, specializing in science, technology, medicine and economics (officially, in fact, the name of the university is The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine as called in the Royal Decree establishing ). Also to study in this university serving 9,000 pounds a year, but it is money well spent. The Imperial College London offers courses in Medicine, Science, Engineering or Economics.

8. London Business School

Eighth place ranking QS find another British university, the London Business School. This university offers training courses that can ensure a job. Moreover, compared to his “colleagues” English, tuition fees has slightly lower: around 6,700 pounds a year (about 8,600 euros). That is still a tidy sum!

9. Insead

Although it is the least known of this list, Insead is one of the best business schools in the world. Based in France, earning ninth place in this particular ranking. The cost for a master in this prestigious university can be about $ 50,000 (just over 42,000 Euro). However, this school has established scholarships for merit and income groups, though this may be no consolation!

10. National University of Singapore

Now we come to a university that has an office in one of the most cutting edge of Asia. The National University of Singapore is in the top 10 for prestige in the workplace. However, prices for international students vary from 15,000 to $ 129,000 of Singapore (9500-81000 Euro approximately), depending on the course of study and if you are entitled to government subsidies.