If you already have a job it can be difficult to think about spending time studying for a qualification. In the case of most jobs it would be virtually impossible to attend a traditional college and keep on going to work, at the same time. Studying for a qualification online gives you far more flexibility which enables you to fit studying around other aspects of your life, including work.

You can see that studying online can be the best way to gain an additional qualification, if you are working full time. But how does online study compare with attending a traditional college in 2016? We are going to take a look at how the different study possibilities compare with each other.



If you study online then the location of your study is most likely to be your home. Of course, you may also opt to spend time studying in other locations but your home is your base. If you study at a traditional college then you will spend a fair amount of your time on campus. The advantage of studying in your own home is that you do not have to waste time and money travelling to study. The disadvantage of not attending a campus to study is that you do not have access to a whole range of campus facilities that can be useful to your study, such as libraries.


If you attend a traditional college you will have a structure to your lectures and timetables. You will often have to be in a certain place at a certain time in order to study effectively and gain your qualification. This is not usually the case if you study online; you have more flexibility in when you choose to study. Having a structure in place can be a good thing for some people. It can be difficult to stay motivated and keep on track if you are studying online. It’s important that you create your own structure and set your own targets, so that you can remain focussed.

Support network

For students attending a traditional college there is a large academic and pastoral support network. There is also the opportunity to interact with other students who dealing with many of the same issues that you are. If you are using online study to gain your qualification then you do not have access to the same large network of support. That being said, studying online in 2016 does not have to be a solitary experience; you can learn more here. You have access to tutors and to other students online. You can also connect with other people who are studying online through social media.

If you are studying for a qualification in 2016 you can choose to study at a traditional college or online. Both choices have positives and negatives connected with them. Hopefully we have shown you some of what to expect, no matter which decision you eventually decide to make.