A prepared generations increasingly base their theory knowledge gained in university courses, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

That there is a ” titulitis “in Spain, as some coin in a somewhat derogatory referring to a disease, is a reality that can be felt in the hundreds of thousands of resumes that circulate today jobs sites.

What is “titulitis”

The “titulitis” arises as to coin the term excessive desire to accumulate titles of any kind or grouped by subjects for the sole purpose of fattening personal curriculum. And, in most cases, training is received without any interest in learning or developing skills, which is the aim of forming. Already said Unamuno in his famous essays, college is killed by the university that does not try to acquire useful knowledge to create further value. You lose judgment and self-analysis, and classrooms are filled with pages and books written in ink lacking the slightest entrepreneurship. The goal is to pass exams, passing areas, get rid of loads, and hopefully not to bring it up anymore.


Self-learning as a tool for personal growth

Of course, any formal training is a base that can ensure knowledge, provided it will seize. But still, you can not leave out one of the most important cognitive aspects associated with the human mind: self-learning. From the very beginning of life, man begins to learn from their environment and their surroundings, so that you can not ignore this natural way of development and learning, based on trial and error. The experimentation with the environment helps to discover all possible dimensions, which would otherwise remain hidden under the guise of teaching tour. New generations are accustomed to having everything you need to survive, so that innate sense of survival is limited by an environment that provides the normal development environment. It is necessary to be exposed to situations that are out of routine and security. Leaving the comfort zone or area security key.

The value of self

Self-learning situations is to try and extract a knowledge of them, allowing you to adjust the knowledge bases that help deal with similar future situations, or where you can apply concepts that build on the foundations of experience. It gives great value to the title in the wall, which certainly have required a substantial investment in effort, and little value to the personal experience based on exposure to real life. This paradox occurs in other areas such as social networks . Beings who are faced with situations in the security of virtual real social skills are diminished when faced with situations of flesh and bone, where the events can not dislike a keystroke away.

How to invest time in self

Confucius said to look for a job you love, and so you’ll never work a day in your life. The self is similar, it should be exposed to situations that will provide an environment of knowledge that, for whatever reason, called the attention of the individual. Thus, leaving the safety zone is easier to offer inducements. We must presume the self, and to emphasize in job interviews. This provides information about the maverick spirit that makes its way through the obstacles of a society numb.