If you want to study in Brazil you should consider attend the PEC-G (to grade) and PEC-PG (to graduate) programs because they offer the opportunity to make their tertiary and postgraduate studies in Brazil. Lets talk about Two simple ways to study in Brazil.

The Program Graduate Student-Agreement (PEC-G) and the Program Graduate Student-Agreement (PEC-PG) is an excellent choice for those who want to study at an institution of tertiary education in Brazil. Offered only to students in developing countries with which Brazil maintains an educational, cultural or scientific-technological agreement, the programs allow you to make a graduation or graduate in any Brazilian city. The evaluation of the profile and the call of the student are made ​​by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Brazil and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brasi l (MRE). Students can choose any course in any Brazilian university associated with the program .

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You can participate in both the PEC-G (for degree) and the PEC-PG (for postgraduates, masters and doctorates) because Peru has an educational agreement with Brazil. According to Beatriz Correa Meyer Santana , current coordinator of the PEC-G , “the program has several examples of success For example, the current Prime Minister of Cape Verde who studied in Brazil by the PEC-G;. and former Rector of the University of Mozambique . ” PEC-G To participate in the PEC-G , and l candidate must be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate of Brazil , where you can register the program selection process. It is important that the student tertiary institutions which are participating in the program report in Brazil and what are the courses offered. At the time of registration, the candidate may indicate two course options to make and two cities where rather live . How to get a scholarship to participate in the PEC-G? The Brazilian government offers scholarships in the following cases: – Merit Scholarship : granted to students who present an excellent academic performance. Plus a monthly grant, the beneficiary receives airfare back to his country after the end of their graduation. – MRE Fellowship : awarded to students from private institutions to submit a financial hardship after year stay in Brazil. – Emergency Grant .: extraordinary granted in cases where the student will see in extreme financial hardship unexpectedly order Scholarships are R $ 545 per month. For more information on PEC-G.


The PEC-PG is a program created in partnership of Higher Level (CAPES) , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil (MRE) through the Topics Educationalist (DCE) and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) . The two benefits are PEC-PG: A grant aid of equal value to that of a Brazilian student and airfare back to Peru. For more information on how to participate in the PEC -PG and postgraduate courses recommended by Capes in Brazilian tertiary institutions.