The student loans for students college are able to finance the cost of the course, the board and lodging, training courses and master abroad . Basically, all reflect the same philosophy of helping the student with no financial means to complete the cycle of academic studies . The types of student loans , or the arrangements for delivery and use of funds, the amount of the amount paid, the method of reimbursement may vary from bank to bank, but in general, the criteria for the different types of loan of honor are fairly uniform across the country. Some differences, however, are found with the foreign, specifically in European countries.


The research highlights the ” loans for college students: projects of regional authorities for the right to study “the Regional Observatory of the University and the Right to Education. This is how these countries manage economic aid in favor of university students. In England , in 1998, ran a regime which abolished scholarships and instituted exclusively student loans for students. But the over-indebtedness of the latter, convinced, in 2004, the British government to reintroduce also scholarships and to provide for the repayment of student loans only if the income of the student is expected to exceed 15,000 pounds a year (about 22 000 euro). This type of student loans, is delivered without taking into account the special requirements of merit, but to all students enrolled in courses of study full-time.

In Germany , the student loan is called Ba Fog is made ​​of half a grant and half a loan at zero which is used to finance the cost of maintaining their studies. To obtain this type of student loans, the student must possess certain economic requirements and merit .In the Netherlands, there is a type of student loans, which is actually a scholarship awarded in the form of loan. There is a scholarship based output to full-time students, with no requirements about the form and notes for students with special economic problems. The scholarships in the form of repayable loans, can become a type of student loans to grants if the student possess certain merit requirements.