A course on marijuana in college? In the U.S., it is no longer impossible. For many students, cannabis is an old acquaintance, but for obvious reasons until now its presence in the college had always been illegal. Now, however, after the results of the referendum on its use for recreational purposes held in Colorado and in Washington State, cannabis is also wins a place in the curricula.

The Humboldt State University in California (where the use of the substance for medical purposes is legal), was one of the first to make room for the marijuana, even inaugurating a research institute dedicated to cannabis. In addition, eleven teachers of the university are now working to integrate the study of marijuana in terms of economic, political and sociological lesson plans in the various courses. The lectures at the university which is based in Arcata, very rich area of plantations of cannabis will cover various aspects related to the cultivation and use of this plant: its influence on the flora and fauna to the most appropriate fertilizers, up to its therapeutic properties.

Among the initiatives based on the success of the referendum in Colorado there is also that of a young farmer, Matt Jones, who in this state has established a THC University . The purpose of the “vocational school” whose name plays with the code that identifies the magnetohydrodynamical, the psychoactive substance contained in marijuana, but actually stands for ‘The Herbal Collective’ is to teach properly cultivate the cannabis, as that from now on every inhabitant of Colorado can legally hold up to six plants. University classes will start on February 9 in Denver.


9News interviewed by the local network, so Jones has explained the reasons that led him to launch a university with courses dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana : “A lot of people think that just take the seeds and plant them, but it is not. First you need to choose the varieties, and there are plenty on the market. Decide whether you want to put in the ground or follow a hydroponics. If you want to get an organic product. The classes are used to this. ” The courses of the University THC are different types and different durations. Those to become “Associate” engage students in a single day, while the “Bachelor” (which gives a diploma in print) offers assistance to students 24 hours 24 seven days a week. Finally, the “Masters package” provides, in addition to lessons, everything you need to begin the cultivation of cannabis.