Become a real 007 of the web, complete with a college degree, now you can. At least in Britain, where the vertices of intelligence have recently authorized the universities where they keep the Master courses (equivalent to our degree courses) in cyber security to apply for their certification by June 20. The aim is to promote the integration into the labor market for professionals with a particular specialization such as the one in espionage . What has so far not proved easy in the absence of official certification.

The decision to accredit these degree courses in espionage comes mainly from an internal requirement of Private detective UK , now you can use it to train their employees: “For some time the services they need to know exactly where they could send their men for refresher courses or training in cyber security – said Fred Piper, one of the experts who drafted the document authorizing their certification – and the easiest way to solve the problem was just offering to certify the best courses. ”


Among the subjects on the degree courses in Espionage approved by the British investigation, the knowledge and the study of the fundamental principles of cyber security , which includes the notions regarding the terrorist threat information, as well as the coded language or computer codes. For each of them will be an exam, then you will be able to obtain a degree. The Agency has already granted its certification at two universities, one of Oxford and Royal Holloway. The first doctors in Espionage should graduate in 2017.

The decision to certify these courses is also part of a real government strategy, which aims to make as soon as possible is expected by 2015 – British cyberspace more secure and protected. It is expected to have a great success: in fact, in addition to being useful for updating and specialization of the employees of intelligence national, the knowledge provided by the courses “may have a broader application in both the public and private “and concludes Piper could convince” other organizations to use the certification as a mark of quality . ”