Whether you want to study in England , Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales after your tank and until tray 3, you have only one thing to do, you go to a registration platform widespread, the UCAS system! The UCAS system allows all students to be residents or international enroll in universities in the United Kingdom , by not completing a single folder. This file will be sent to the following universities to which you are applying for a maximum of five different courses or universities.

The UCAS system, ergonomics and ease foremost:

The interest of the UCAS system is very important in the sense that it allows students to make only one folder instead of five , and save at the same time registration fee that would have been greater in a conventional intake system. The site is easily accessible, although fluent in English is mandatory, especially for the production of the game “Statement” or letter, which could put more than one student in trouble. Overall, the steps are facilitated by the system and gives you every opportunity to succeed in your file, even as an international student!


The UCAS system, key dates:

Entries via UCAS open from early September of the previous year . While this may seem early, it is easily explainable. In fact, enrollment at Oxford or Cambridge universities ending October 15, the universities differing especially other by their global fame. It is impossible to apply to both institutions at the same time. To this we can add that enrollment in courses in medicine, orthodontics, as well as veterinary ending also on October 15.

Followed by entries for the more “traditional” universities and all sectors ending Jan. 15 from the previous year, although it is possible to apply later in which case only the remaining places will be allocated to stragglers. Do not hesitate, however, to apply after the deadline, many international students get a place in this period, even if it is not in the best universities.

For those wishing to apply Master, registrations are directly record online through the university website or in the traditional way of sending back. UPKASS The site is also a solution, although it comprise less than half of the universities and institutions offering courses Master level or higher.