Never for the next academic year who wish to enroll in a graduate program in English will be spoiled for choice. The selection of this type of training has for years been steadily expanding throughout Italy and the Roman universities are no exception, proposing for 2014-2015 well thirty-three (including those exclusively in English, and those that can be followed in both English that in Italian). And the number is likely to increase, given the success of students that rewards those degree courses of study.

In an increasingly globalized world, in fact, many young people decide to be better prepared to deal with international contexts , starting already from the university. And, from this point of view, what could be better than attending an undergraduate degree in English, the language that is now the mat to communicate in almost every country in the world? The universities are well aware of and a few years now increasingly offering degree courses entirely taught in the language of Shakespeare.


Even the Roman universities have increased its offer degree courses in English. The protagonists of this “revolution” are especially Wisdom and Tor Vertebrata, but also participates in the Roma three University forum Italic and even many teachings even within degree programs that have as their primary language the Italian – are held almost exclusively in English.

At Wisdom, who won the Roman primacy among universities, courses for a degree in English. a. 2014-2015 there are seventeen, among which the one in Medicine and surgery of International Medical School and one in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power System. The latter, in particular, is a truly international curriculum, as is provided in collaboration with the University of Overdo (Spain, Coimbatore (Portugal) and Nottingham (England), and provides for the mobility of students.

In training of Tor Vertebrata, however, is the flagship of the graduate program in Engineering Sciences , highly interdisciplinary, because it mixes mechanical and electronic engineering. But there are other interesting proposals, especially in the economic and management. In short, thanks to the wide range of degree courses in English , in the run up to the internationalization universities Romans did not lag behind and the capital is one of the preferred destinations for those dreaming of a future career beyond the boundaries and want to get there with luggage cultural longer adequate.