The university has the right to make a career face downwards in Milan. To establish the ranking of universities that do earn more compiled by Job Pricing, company benchmarking pay. A list of great interest, since when deciding which university to enroll, the quality of research and teaching is certainly important, but to weigh on the choice – even more so in times of crisis are often also the perspectives related to the possibility of find work and expectations of future earnings.

The University Report Job Pricing is based on the fact that affect future students are not only research, internationalization and academic big names from all over the world. Prospective students, rightly, also look at career prospects and gain that attending a university rather than another could provide.

Among the Italian, to win the first place in the ranking of universities that earn you the most is the Milan face downwards. Former students of the private Lombard earn from 44 thousand euro gross per annul (for the age group between 25 and 34 years old) to more than 100 thousand Euros (45-55 years of age). Following this, the Catholic University of Polytechnics and two: one in Milan and one in Turin.


Black sheep of the ranking of universities that do earn more money, signed Job Pricing are the ‘ University of Carriage with regard to the salaries of its graduates up to 44 years of age (with annual gross salaries around 27 500 Euros for the band 25 -34 years and almost 39 thousand for the 35-44), and the ‘ University of Bari for the age group between 45 and 55 years, with wages of just over 54 thousand euro.

But Bocconi University and Catholic do not shine only in terms of income-generating opportunities for former students at work, their graduates are also more career of the other. 37 percent of former face downwards that is, more than one in three aged between 35 and 44 years has become a leader. And better still go to Catholic University graduates between 45 and 55 years: to have reached this milestone in this age group is more than half of them.